Grand kallaris


ts magnificent wooden ceiling combined with the spectacular crystal chandelier dominating in the middle gives it enormous grandeur and charm. In a luxurious space, with exquisite d├ęcor and an ideal taste for the perfect reception of your dreams. By organizing your wedding reception with the specialists in the field, the result will be the best possible.

The best of impressions will be left to your chosen guests, with the flavors that make up the menu for the dinner. As well as the excellent staffing services will serve your every need. The George Kavallaris Business Group with a long term in the event area, with specialized staff and excellent professionalism are waiting for you to enjoy the quality of their services. The beautiful setting in which your evening will unfold is perfectly compatible with the ideal you had in mind for your own special event. Capacity Grand Cavallari: 800 people

Capacity Grand Cavallari:
400 peopke